In more than 30 years, the twp group has successfully established itself on the market as a packaging specialist and supplier for the food industry. Many branded companies, both in Germany and abroad, have been putting their faith in our innovative and reliable packaging solutions for many years.

As a family-owned company, we place great value on the proximity to our customers and suppliers. In doing so, we also think internationally. This led us to incorporating subsidiary companies in the Ukraine and Russia over two decades ago. However, we are not stopping there. In order to continue offering the best global solutions for our customers in future, in the next few years we will be setting up more sites in strategically important locations. We are already supplying companies in Europe, Asia and America with our products today.

As an owner-managed, medium-sized company, our unique selling points are speed and flexibility. Our technical knowledge and innovative power is largely based on our long-serving employees, some of whom have played an active role in our customers' success for over 30 years. The result of this is packaging solutions that buyers, production employees and consumers at the cooling counter all love. We love solving complex packaging problems, so call us if you need our assistance!